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Steering column bushes - best lubricant

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Just about to fit 2 new standard steering column bushes to MkIV Spitfire. I know they are going to be tight, so what is the best lubricant to use on the outer rubber of the bush to help it in, and then what is best for the inner steering shaft to bush to lubricate it in service?

Also, why is "column" such a difficult word to spell?




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bit off soft soap works on most rubbers without degrading it 

std bushes are not that difficult to push in just get the pips aligned with the holes in the columnmmnmnm

the original spec   bush is not designed to be lubricated 

so use whatever you fancy but oil and chinesse rubber are a poor mix 


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Thanks Pete,

That worked a treat. I used liquid hand soap. Once I had teased the "ears" of the bush to start into the outer column a gentle push with the right sized sockets as drifts and they slid into position without and damage to the bushes or the column.

I even remebered to put the inner shaft in place before fitting the top bush which is an amazing feat for me!


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