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Vitesse Bonnet Alignment.

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Afternoon All

Still going through pre paint panel fitting/gap checking.

What a job! 

I am reasonably happy with everything now apart from the bonnet. The panel gap to the doors/scuttle are ok but its the profile which is giving me the problem.

When the height is set correctly on the cones on either side the bonnet sags and is too low in the centre. See photo below.



Similarly, each side profile is much straighter than the corresponding door, particularly the lower section. See photo below


I can see where it needs to be fettled but fear, with my limited knowledge/skill, I may do more harm than good!

Any advice from those that know?

Thanks in advance.


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the bonnet will bend if you pull it down on a decent wooden block  dont go mad 

the side wings have probably been added on at some time and never profiled to follow anything 

again these can be pulled in/out but all this takes some serios effort and care 

with some luck raising the underflush bonnet centre may tuck the lower ears of the wings inwards to aid the flat rather than 

curved profile 


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Thanks Pete,

I did put a piece of ply under the centre of the bonnet but just to bring it up to the correct level not to re-profile it. A possible but not satisfactory permanent solution 🤠🤠

I must admit I am terrified of introducing a crease!!

Any thoughts on the length of wood to use.

I'm guessing a point load in the centre should be avoided but anything too long could introduce two point loads at either end.


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never done this  , i have jacked the lower wings out as the top curved profile on mine had been welded on too tight 

takes some effort . scissor jack and some forest across the wings 

to reform the bonnet you need someone each side to apply equal grunt 



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I have this to do. Not as much as shown but sgnificant. I am contemplating timber  with an overlay of stiff foam. Then pulling the whole down with a wide Spanstrap over the bonnet and under the chassis. Not as yet cast in stone but?


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I was thinking of may be shaping the block to the same profile as the scuttle? I think the two person either side approach would be best, probably more controllable than a strap?

I think I will have a go at this and then, as Pete suggested, review the lower wings to see if it has also improved. I feel the lower wing adjustment has the greatest likelihood to go horribly wrong!

Bread and butter to the skilled no doubt but scary stuff for me 😰

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if you ever have the chance to go and view a Body in White line you will always find .no matter how many jigs and robots still need the guy with a 

great big wooden bat to wham bang bend and jam to get the gaps to look right 

this butchery is an art , not a very dark one !!!   just noisy 


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  • 3 weeks later...

Update to conclude.

Following the sound advice received earlier I have been practicing the noisy, not so dark art of butchery with mixed results.

I attacked the scuttle first with a piece of wood (12") with carpet on top to soften the interface. With a trusty helper on one side and a sharp intake of breath pressure was applied. Quite a lot in the end but we started very lightly.

I was reasonably happy with the result. Not perfect but much improved.



I was hoping the scuttle change would have improved the bonnet sides, but no, they remained as before .

The bonnet edge is not easy to re-shape due to the strengthener running vertical adjacent to the trailing edge. I decided to make selective cuts into the strengthener which permitted movement to the bonnet edge. Once manipulated into a more agreeable profiles the cuts were welded up.

I had less success here but there is some improvement. 


One problem which doesn't help is the profile of the new door skin differs from that of the bonnet. In particular the depth of the lower crease (step out) is significantly different!! See photo below looking down. This means I can only line up the centre section of the door or the lower section of the door, but not both🤨

Having said that I can probably live with how it is now.


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