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1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Heater Wiring

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Refitting the dash board after a two year rebuild, took loads of photos when I striped the car down but as always, not enough. Having trouble finding a home for the black wire and a green and white wire (could be grey) from the heater motor. The black should be an earth but where does this plug into and where does the green and white wire go. Both wires have female connectors.

Many thanks

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Just did a little further investigation, found a home for the black earth at about 1-o-clock in a recess on the heater motor and it looks like the green/grey wire may well be connected to the heater motor at about 7-o-clock.

Would appreciate somebody confirming I have them in the right place.


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Certainly there are 2 wires that plug in to the blower motor, one each side and black/green sound about right - but without ripping the centre dash section out to check I wouldn't bet my life on the colours.

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Did take some photos and think I may now have resolved the issue.

Black goes at 1-o-clock on the heater fan motor, the green/grey one goes to the slid control of the heater and the other green one goes to the heater fan motor at 7-o-clock.

I did have the green/grey connected to the heater fan and the green one connected to the slid control but have now switched them round.

Hopefully it will work but wont know for a while until I get the rest of the wiring connected.


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