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HS4 Carburetor rebuilds


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Hello All. An empty forum!! Excellent, that means I can ask dumb questions without being pointed to he archive. Though I might well be pointed to other places.

Anyway, excuse the ignorance.

We have late 1500 Spitfire (79) with very worn waxstat HS4 carbs. I want to rebuild these, and at the same time convert to standard jets. Can anyone identify the most economical source and part numbers for doing this?

Rimmers do a rebuild kit and a conversion kit, but that works out V expensive. I think what I need is:


Standard jet rebuild kit

Standard jet bearings

New needles (What is standard?)

Choke-jet lifter link

Choke-jet lifter crank


Is anything else needed to do this conversion/rebuild? Should I aim to re-bush for the new throttle spindles? As I understand it, the HS4 spindles run straight in the body, but bushes can be fitted.  Where can these bushes be obtained? I've seen an American source, but cannot find the size referenced from a UK supplier.



Any other hints and tips? I know there is plenty of documentation available on SU carbs, but I have had difficulty identifying what applies generally, and what is specific to particular carb variants. e.g. the link arms and levers for the choke. Likewise, there appear to be 3 different jet bearings, but I haven't been able to identify the differences between them.



Many thanks in anticipation. I hope that this form becomes a tight source for information. It appears that this is a good opportunity to collate the mountains of wisdom and experience.





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I generally use Gower & Lee for SU Parts, helpful & knowledgably guys and price and service seem very good. I have used Burlen Ltd before and is I think the biggest supplier for SU Parts.


You don't necessarily need to have the carb bodies bushed, often new spindles will be enough. Andrew Turner or Carburettor Exchange should be able to help if you do.

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for some good photo of what to do have a browse at..    never mind the TR spec  the principles are all the same  be it SU or Stromb's.




there are many rebuild documents as Darren says look at the Burlen site , 


Ive used the Carb exchange    small and less overheads, and its local to me.

    most carb stuff is now getting expensive   

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