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Spitfire 1500 Replacement Hood/Soft Top Supplier Recommendations Please

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Going to need a new hood for my 1500, assuming I get the refurb sufficiently done to get to the car to the club Malvern Weekend in August. My plan was to stop off at Don Hoods at Birmingham on the way and get them to fit whichever version of hood I decide upon. However, just rung them to see if this would be possible and it seems they are taking bookings for fitment from November onwards!

Can anybody please recommend any other really good hood makers/fitters that might be on the way up from Kent, or in the midlands vicinity? Although I fitted the last hood to the car (20 years ago), I wish to have this done once and have it looking/fitting the best it can and so be a job that will last me out and not need doing again.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Jon Low.






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