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Spitfire/Herald alternator and fitting brackets etc.


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As Pete said, I also used the dynamo bracket on my Vitesse for the conversion, but I did take offense to the weight of the thing and drilled out 1/2 and 3/4in  lightening holes, why because I could! it's been like that 20 plus years. One of these days I'll treat myself to the GT6 lowered alternator mounting bracket,  but in alloy (Canley).

On the Spit I used the proper cast iron lump, but I also drilled that out of any surplus metal thro the webbing areas, once again no need, but because I could!  

Now re weight the one item that really upsets me is the water pump body & housing, why are they CI when most other manufacturers used alloy???

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Thanks for the info. There's a used Herald/Spitfire  Alt/Fitting kit for sale (Alternator untested, from a non runner) for £20, so wondered if worth a punt as a plan B. Have some charging issues with dynamo set up which I'm (hopefully) working through, so thought maybe worth a risk, as maybe some new Alternators not great anyway).

Cheers, Dave 

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