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soon to be back..... Ms Spitty and her overheating ways...

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Hi all...


remember me?  "the newbie engineer rebuilder with the spitty overheated"


well, nearly 2 years ago I ran into a few personal issues, which meant spitty work came to an abrupt end and she was left in a garage in a town far far away (OK, 15 miles away in the ex-wife's garage but felt like a long time away...)


2 years on, and I have just bought a new house and it has a garage!!  and no new style garage that you can barely fit a bike in...  an actual 11ft wide garage.  I am so excited to be able to retrieve Ms Spitty from her hiding place and get back to work on her...


I literally have no idea where I am going to start...  there is a garage full of spares of projects I had planned all that time ago, some of which I do not even recognise any more!  (one is a metal bonnet to replace the rubbish fibreglass one on here at the moment).  Last time she was started, was 2 years ago and she still had a over-heating problem post-rebuild (DIY job), so suspect that will have to be the starting point... 


but just thought I would share my excitement to get back in the game and look forward to being a grease monkey again some time soon...  pending exchange of papers, hoping to have her back within 6 weeks...


I have not ben keeping up with the forum after we lost the old one, but hoping many of the old faces have helped rebuild it to its former glory...  the club and members of the TSSC are a truly admirable and amazing bunch of people..  I have missed you all!




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Dan, great to have you back and best of luck with your project. I can understand your excitement and enthusiasm and I'm sure you can't wait to get started.


I've no idea in what the state of the bodywork is but that's where I would channel my efforts initially leaving the straightforward mechanical work until last. Bodywork can be a huge drain on enthusiasm and resources so better get that out of the way first. Then you can relax knowing that whatever the mechanical problems they can be easily and relatively cheaply resolved.


How many stalled projects do we see for sale where large sums have been expended on the mechanicals and for whatever reason the bodywork has been a step too far. 


But if all you have to do is to fit the new bonnet then happy days. Please do share your work with us and post some pictures.



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thanks for the encouragement John..  I am very excited.  I actually went into garage where she resides, a few weeks back and had to do a tip-run to remove a mattress, multiple boxes and an old TV that has been placed on or around her by the ex-wife LOL...      so at least she is ready to go... 


The bodywork I am hoping is much as I left her, as she is in a dry garage with plenty of air movement.  I remembered to leave the hand brake off, so she should move freely when it comes to getting her onto a car trailer. 


also to be reunited with all my old tools will be great! 


lots of photos to follow for sure!!  :-)

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welcome back Dan  


          Im sure we can arrange some fun around your antics, trials, (not that one )   and tribulations 


                    looking forward to pages of how too and look what Ive found stories 


                         your handle dosnt convey your enthusiasm,   its not all deep doo doo's change it to  'danhotspit '..............  or something smiley



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Hey Doug!!  It is I !!


I did not move to England in the end...  it was close for a while there, but i was too afraid of the turmoil of moving countries...  and then met a lovely local lady and the rest as they say, is history...


I am dreading the eventual move of the engine-crane and the larger spare-parts, but I have many plans for my garage…  especially as I will be putting a new kitchen in the house so all the old cabinets are coming to the garage...


As well as maybe a water-butt, gravity fed sink…  that would be a nice touch for cleaning up before going into the kitchen… not sure of rain over here LOL


Then I might have to start actually working on Spitty once I have made her a nice new home J

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  • 4 months later...

thanks pete...  gave the girlfriend a tour of the car (you can see her in the drivers seat).  had a discussion on the Facebook page about the potential colour she used to be and where to go next...  the thought is that she was  Saffron yellow (which is basically orange if you ask me)


still need to finish cleaning out the garage to make room for the tools, then work will begin if it ever stops raining so I can pull her out onto the drive...


I do not mind if it takes me 6 months or 6 years, she is dry and will live forever!!!  and maybe one day, someone will car-SOS her for me haa haa

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did that last week...   ran a wee syndicate, £46 on the euro...   we won £8.90.

we put it back in for the Wednesday normal lotto and won £25

we bought 5 scratch cards at a fiver each and won £5 on one of them

bought a 6th card and lost... 


it was fun but someone unrewarding hee hee...

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hee hee...


update...  I did a trailer run and emptied the old garage at the weekend...  and wow...  I am such a hoarder, and a tool-fetish!!!  I think I used to be made of money or found novel ways of spending the shopping budget when I was married haa haa...


anyway, I have all my bits, and am now happily spending the evenings sorting out my new man cave :-)...   just have to retrieve the spare bonnet and old radiator, and I am moved out of the garage...  next is the shed and the attic haa haa

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