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GT6/2500 gearbox drain plug leak. Remedy?


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GT6 with 2500 big box.

Recon box installed and very nice it is too. Except it's weeping fluid from the drain plug. It's in very tight and I'm wondering what the remedy might be.

Does it 'look right' to you? Is a possibility that a BSPP plug has been persuaded into what is meant to be 3/8 (18) NP thread?

Is it appropriate to use either PTFE tape or a sealant (e.g Hylomar) when refitting?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My current idea is to remove the current plug and replace with a (known good) NOS 3/8 NP plug with a little Hylomar but I'd happily be advised otherwise.


Thanks in advance



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11 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

agree looks a bit  crossed 


Agree thread looks crossed. 

I would take the plug out,  check and clean the thread then try fitting a brand new plug. 

Can you take it back to the reconditioner and ask them to sort it?


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I've used PTFE tape on both engine and gearbox sump plugs that weeped without any issues.

Doesn't actually need a huge knock to make the hold fractionally out of round.  Not enough to stop the plug screwing freely in/out but enough to give some oil molecules are route to freedom.

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