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setting mixture on strombergs


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Hi every one


Trying to set mixture on carbs and have a theoretical question.


Going of all advice,if mixture is too weak then lifting piston a fraction, the engine will stall/die.  I would have thought that this would enrich/correct mixture and increase revs.


Conversely if mixture too rich then engine will run faster if lifting piston. I would have thought lifting piston would make it more rich and cause it to bog/stall.


Can anyone explain this please.


Cheers, Dave  

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Its all to do with the air flow over the top of the jet orifice as you increase the gap the air passes through

and the velocity over the jet changes, so the atomised fuel and air ratio end up with small changes which gives the slight speed up or slight slow down

if it races or stalls its been lifted too far


its all a gentle touchy feely job


youre looking for around a +- 50 rpm change for a couple of seconds , nothing sensational

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