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Out in the glorious weather earlier when slowly the car started to become unresponsive. Nursed it home and after a few minutes diagnosing found the rotor had, basically, fallen apart. Read many items about poorly manufactured arms so I guess this is another. Having said that it may have been on the car for eleven or so years. 

Before I replace it I’d appreciate any advice on how best to clean up the resultant mess to the dizzy proper.

Thanks in advance,





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just remove the base plate and strip off the parts clean with petrol or brake cleaner

fit new points and a red rotor arm

always add a squirt of engine oil down below the baseplate to keep the top spindle bush lubricated 

if there is a worn spindle the points gap will vary as it rotates  ,you can rebush lucas units  if its stuff 

a firm side push will show if its got wear play 



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Hi Pete,

Is there a technique to be used to remove the base plate? I’ve disconnected everything but something is retaining the plate. As I try and lift it it feels as though there is a “spring” holding it. As ever, any advice greatly appreciated.

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Pleased you got it off.

Last time I did it, I bent that spring plate!

Not realising it was so low, when I replaced it all, the spring plate chewed the advance springs  :(

Had to by a 45 complete (30 quid) as there are no advance springs available, unless you know the size for the 25.

pity, the 25 is much more solid.


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