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Fuse board cable sizes

Black Cat

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I’m about to replace the fuse box in my 1977 Triumph Spitfire and may need to extent some of the cables which go into the box,

Top fuse

1.      Green for: -     Wiper switch, Heater fan & Stop lamp switch

2.      White for: -    Ignition

Middle fuse

1.      Red/green for: -  headlamp switch

2.      Red for: - Instrument panel, Indicators, Brake, Map, Side light & No. plate

Bottom fuse

1.      Brown for: - Alternator

2.      Purple for: - Dip flasher switch, Horn relay, Boot light, Door light & Seat belt

Firstly is the above correct and secondly what size is this cable, is it all 35amp as it’s a lot larger than the rest of the loom?

Many thanks


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Here is a link to a GT6 fuse box replacement that you may find interesting. The wiring is similar, green, white, red/green, brown and purple. The 3 fuses are 35a blow but are not excepted to run continuously at 35a. The wiring sizes are in the thread, somewhere! :)


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