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1500 piston mismatch ???


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Hello to you all.


I canot see ware i introduce myself and my cars so its straight in with a question I'm afraid. very rude i know but.....


Before i starts please allow me the time to apologise for my awful spelling. I'm sorry. i just cant get my head round the whole reeding and weighting thing. 


any way, on to pistons.


below are two of the pistons taken from my 1500 engine. no1 on the left and no2 on the right. no3 is the same as no1 and no4 the same as no2. as you can see no1 has had some material removed from the gudgeon pin saddles compared with no2. at first i though this may have been done at the factory to balance the pistons though i now think not as no1&3 both weigh 3g less than no2&4. only weighed on kitchen scales as a friend has my massing scales i was still surprised however to find the pairs within 1g of each other.




I intend to put new pistons in on the rebuild but i am wondering.... if this is a tried and tested way of removing a few grams from each piston i will machine all 4 in this way in order to 1) reduce there mass and 2) equalise the masses of all 4 pistons.


can anyone shed any light on this please???


All the best. Leon


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