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Dual Gauge - Temperature and Oil Pressure

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My temperature gauge suddenly stopped working. The sender unit looked ok so I had a look at the gauge end. I expected the gauge which is a Caerbont GD1301-62C072 to have  a spade terminal for a 10 volt supply but it hasn't got one. The green wire with 10 v on is present but disconnected and there is nowhere for it to connect to. Can anyone explain to me how the gauge could possibly work with this scenario?



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Having had a closer look with my specs on, it does seem to be a bourdon tube (I thought they went out with the Arc). It's possible that the tube has been damaged although a close inspection doesn't show any visible sign of damage. Supposing (and I have no reason to doubt you) that your summation is correct, any ideas how to go about proving it and I wonder then what the fix would be? If the pipe is sealed to both the sender and the gauge, is it then necessary to replace the whole system?

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Silly question but you have checked the level of coolant?
Temp gauges do not always work when they are not in liquid. My Spitfire had that problem once

I would stick the bulb in a boiling kettle to double check it.




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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will test the system as outlined by Adrian and if it is found to have failed due to a leak will follow Pete's advice and give Speedy Cables a go. You lot are worth a hundred Haynes manuals!

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