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ConRod Pics 1500 spit...


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Hi all.


Can anyone upload pics or describe any work they have done on there rods please.


Im building a 1500 triumph spit engine bottom end. After getting 82BHP on the rollers from extensive work on the top end I'm looking to clean up the next 18bhp from the bottom end and cam.


looking at the stock rods that have come out i guess i will. 1)remove the casting seam 2)balance the small ends 3)match each rod's mass. 


Questions though....


1) the small end seems to have an oil pot on the top. must this be left alone?

2) can the beams be polished and not shotpeaned or should i leave them with a rough (sanded) as apposed mirror finish? i cant go tho the expense of shotpeaning 

3) the saddles are quite a bit wider than the rods themselves. Can i machine them down to match the rod?

4) can the rods be thinned dawn at all? 

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Moss don't seem to have the PDF version of their Spitfire parts catalogue on their site at the moment but that has (the old TriumphTune) tuning guide in it.


Copying from a old paper copy...


  1. Small end: remove cup and up to 25% only.
  2. Big end cap over bearing: reduce by up to 30%.
  3. Rod/cap joining point: equalise both sides.
  4. Rod/over bearing: polish only - do not remove any material.
  5. Rod shaft: nothing indicated.

Other than that just polish & show-peen for full race.

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