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triumph herald cabrio


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I am not registered with this site writing to you from France, but I am restoring a triumph herald cabrio from 1968 and I am looking for parts that cannot be found in France and also in new parts. So I am looking for sun shades for this vehicle .would there be members who could help me in my research in England, thanking you in advance.
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There a a lot of Triumph suppliers in England. The bigger ones are




In France I have used these, they are fairly close to me 


These should give you a good starting point.

Bon chasse

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Heralds had two types: flat or thin, and padded or thicker. Flat white versions were used on the earlier cars; later cars had the padded versions and whilst these are sometimes easy to find in white, the black versions for some models are very difficult to find. The thin versions are always coming up for sale but you can convert these to padded by fitting covers such as these:



Post the parts you require in the 'Parts Wanted' section and we'll help find them.




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