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Fitting new UJs.


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I have been fitting UJs for it seems, years on and off. Occasionally, as we all know, the needle bearings fall over and then the cap has to be removed etc. Anyway, recently I tried a new method which, undoubtedly a lot of your good selves use, but if so, ignore this! I remove all the caps, clean up the surfaces of all four points where the caps go. Then, using a 2oz ball pein hammer and holding the 'spider' in the cap which is located, obviously, in the entry hole, gently tap it about 40 times, working around the perimeter of the cap (can vary) making sure it is SQUARE to the hole. By keeping the 'spider' up to the cap, this prevents the needle rollers from falling over.  When flat with flange, tap it carefully further in until circlip can be inserted. Then repeat on other side then the 2 remaining caps. I have used this method quite a few times now and found it 100% easier than trying to squeeze them in with a vice etc. Hopefully someone will use this method. 

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