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Hood frame and header rail - Vitesse

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Decided at long last to replace the hood on my Vitesse. So in preparation for Don Hoods I have removed the old one and realised that the header rail was quite corroded. On one side the bracket to the frame which should be attached to the header was completely disconnected due to rust.

I have been able to obtain a good replacement header but when I offer it to the frame the angle of the brackets are pointing down making it impossible for the two be connected. I've checked it with the old one and found a similar problem.

This may be hard to visualize but if I fit the header to the top of the windscreen and lock it in place the brackets are pointing down at quite an angle below the quarter light. If I try to level the brackets I have to unlock the catches, then the header doesn't fit snuggly to the windscreen.

I am missing something????

Also the frame around the door window leaves a reasonable and even gap at the top but over an inch at the side. I've looked for some way to make some adjustments but can't see any obvious ways.

Is there any science to this problem. I can't find any information about its adjustment other than simple changes detailed in the workshop manual, nothing that really helps.




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thats interesting.. I had to replace my header as the joint had seized and broken (it had been welded before). I brought a new old stock header and on one side the angle of the fixing  is out so that when bolted to the  rest of the frame, the top of the frame is touching the top of the window. Cant find any adjustment to fix this and wonder if the NOS was never used as it had been badly made? 
I am not sure how I can bend it to the correct angle without breaking it....


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