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Hello All

            I have just used up the last of my thread lock fluid and I was wondering what everyone else uses?


The one I had was a 3M product RITE-LOK TL42


I was just looking on fleabay and there is lots of products at various prices!


Is it better to buy a small quantity as they have use by dates and which is the best value for money and performance/


I know there are different types for different jobs but which is the best all rounder for our cars?



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i have been vary happy with 3m stuff. normally have two small bottles on the shelf. one for being able to undo again and one for fixings that must stay together. as i say no problem so far....


Naw where is that bit of wood to touch???????

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There is a wide range of threadlocker types, as Leon says from making it a bit stiff to remove, to those that need the parts to be heated to red heat and then loosened while hot.

See this guide from the Loctite makers: http://www.duncanracing.com/TechCenter/LocktiteThreadlocking_Guide.pdf


What should they be used on?

I'd say, anything that rotates or vibrates that isn't already done up so tight that it's an effort to undo, so flywheel and clutch cover bolts and as Roger said, differential parts.

NOT wheel nuts!

Where you can use a Nyloc nut or equivalent, that will do just as well.



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Thanks John. I was thinking about it in relation to my steering rack bolt (where the steering column joins the rack), the bolt is loose but just keeps spinning so I can't tighten it or loosen to get it off and replace it. Going to get a nut breaker onto it and then change the whole nut and bolt assembly. As an alternative I was thinking about just 'gunging' the bolt up with something like the 3M product. Probably better to break it off and start again!

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Ah!   Sorry, Jezza, but threadlocker is not a bodging aid!

It would be much better to do as you mention and change the asembly, especially for such a mission critical system as the steering.


The bolt and nyloc on it will be perfectly good then.


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