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Nice wallpaper

Colin Lindsay

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This is the wallpaper on the background screens of the window display in one of our local clothing stores... E-Type Jag, Aston Martin, and Le-Mans Spitty. I've made them promise that when it comes time to remove and replace it, they'll keep it for me. It would look great in the garage...

1519809750_DSC_00111.thumb.JPG.3aec739627391d985cf17f7751304e11.JPG  1463911588_DSC_00121.thumb.JPG.2eb8664e3cfb3a4a2bcf5cce82b56109.JPG


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Go for it, Colin!

This is my souvenir of the Spitfire Aces' appearance on "Mission-Ignition!"

It was part of the set design, and as each episode used different cars wouldn't be used again, so I asked if I might have it.   Had to hire a van and go back another day, but worth it, IMHO!


New Aces win Capri!.JPG

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