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Driving without a heater connected


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Whilst my heater matrix is away being recored I was intending to run the car without it, by linking the two pipes at the back of the engine that normally connect into it, creating a loop.

Which considering that the heater must have been pretty much bunged up with crud anyway, might be an improvement (temporarily).

I think this should be okay but just wanted to test the water (no pun intended) and see what others thought.

My main reason of course is a desire to attend the joint MG / triumph weekend, this Saturday.

I doubt the matrix will have been done by then.

Best wishes,


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I did this on my 13/60 and noticed the gauge read noticeably warmer, presumably because too much water was bypassing the radiator.  Ended up shoving a suitably sized bolt into the pipe to reduce the flow down and it was fine again.  On the other hand, my first Vitesse was plumbed in without the heater when I got it and that didn't run any warmer than when i reconnected the matrix.

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