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T Shaped Roll Bar

Tim T

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Hi.. I've recently purchased a Herald 13/60 Convertible.. July 1970, and it has a T Shaped roll bar fitted - I have seen these on Stags... (don't know how else to describe it).. Firstly - i have not seen any other Heralds with this fitted? Are there many about?

Also looks like there are supposed to be some clips to hold the roof bars in place, which are missing?  Any ideas where i can get these from??

Any advise / help greatly appreciated


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That looks like a Tristan conversion. It was marketed in the early/mid 90s as a kit to convert a saloon to convertible. But they disappeared though some cars still have the kit fitted. 

No idea if spares are available, but at least you know what you have....

one advantage is that you can refit the saloon roof if you wish. And it has a full sized back seat unlike a genuine convertible.

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