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Moto-lita steering wheel on GT6 Mk2

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I'm fitting a moto-lita steering wheel to my mk2 gt6. The boss (confirmed as correct) fits correctly on the steering column splines and homes. When I fit the horn it doesn't sound, but touching the contact directly works.

There appears to be a gap between the boss and the column where the contact can be touched so assume the issue is not electrical, but the boss. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to potentially fix this?


Many thanks



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Hi Bruce,

not sure if this helps but if its the same as the herald does it have the horn push pencil thing in the boss to make the contact between the brass ring in the cowl and back of the horn push. I just had the problem of the steering wheel boss ( mota lita copy ) touching the metal cowl making a contact and sounding the horn continually, solved it with a tip from here by adjusting the collapsible column in the footwell to gain the gap allowing the pencil push to make the contact.

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What you need to do is make a small adaptor out of brass to bridge the gap. I will try to attach a picture.


Thanks Mick, I did reshape the contact point to reach the push brush, but to no avail.


Does it matter that the boss is not flush on the main column, although fully on the splines.

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