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High level brake light


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I've had idiots in moderns drive into the back of my classics a few times in the past and the excuse was always the same: "I couldn't see your brake lights" 

They were of course overlooking the small fact that had they not been driving with the front end their car up my tail pipe, then they might have done and therefore had some prior warning of my intended desire to cease forward motion...........

One of them was most surprised when I pointed this out to them in much clearer terms............

Anyway since this I have been a convert to the idea of giving the idiots behind me (those that can bear to follow a classic that doesn't drive everywhere at 90 that is, resisting the near suicidal urge to overtake at the first opportunity, regardless of oncoming traffic.................) a higher level of warning of my intentions.

In other words I now fit high level brake lights as a matter of course.

This is what I've done to the Herald, I think it fits in with the car.

Also all my brake / rear lights are now LEDs from 'Classic Car LEDs Ltd.'

My indicators will be next, although I am content to leave the headlamps standard for now, simply because I like them, they seem to light the road ahead up well enough and I don't have any desire to blind oncoming traffic with unnecessarily bright headlamps.

When one blows I have lined up some P700 lights to fit and install Xenon bulbs.  I'm not a fan of LEDs in headlamps for the reason stated above.





Best wishes,




Herald high level brake light 1.JPG

Herald high level brake light 2.JPG

Herald high level brake light 3.JPG

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2 hours ago, ahebron said:

I would like to put a high stop in/on the stainless trim across the top of the rear window.
As my car is still in bits it is something I can look at and I have a few spare trims


I was in the GT6 yesterday on the motorway and a Mercedes in front had one long hi-level brake light right the way across the top of the rear window. It looked factory-fitted. If they can do it...

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