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New bonnet mascot ?


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1 hour ago, PeteH said:

Back in the 60`s I had It`s Tail, hanging from the Fuel filling cap of my 1175CC Side Valve Van!.Now I know where the head went.


Head at one end, tail at the other, and tiger-skin seat covers in the middle... interesting. Saw one of those tiger tails at Malvern, too.

On the other hand you could save up for the rest of the suit...


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In the 60's my fox's tail hung from the top of the car aerial at the rear of a Herald 1200 convertible, the tail was given to me by the local Lord of the Realm whose farm & lands virtually surrounded our house & stables. I think the tail was a trophy from a fox hunt! To get to the house I occassionally had to do battle with his cows who walked slowly across or along the very long driveway, I'd sit in the car blipping the throttle to no avail! 

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