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Spitfire 1500 Body Sticker Placement Information Requested


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Just completing a full restoration on my 1500 and I have some original bonnet and boot lid stickers from way back when. I wish to use these as they seem to be better clarity than current offerings. However, I am determined to get them exactly perfect as per original placement. I could not take pictures of the placement before I started restoration, as the car had been resprayed, (in Mazda red!!!!!) and also different font stickers made up. Anybody have the exact placings dimensions, or photographs that I can use to scale out where they should go?

Many thanks, Jon Low.

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I think I can help if you've not solved the matter already. My Spit has the original boot decal: The front decal is repro but I know it's just right because a template was made before the original was removed. I did not, regrettably, keep the template.

Let me know if you still need help with this and I'll ponder a way to get dimensions from firm datum points (tricky on the front because it's all compound curves and no straight lines.



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Chris, Thanks for the reply. In the light of no other suggestions help from you would be appreciated. I think maybe as you say if you could measure the boot seal from the edges that should be easy enough. For the front and maybe the bootlid also a picture, or two would help as I can scale the placing from the decal positions. 

Thanks very much,

Jon Low.

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Unlikely that Triumph ever fixed the decals in a truly standardised position so what I have is a bit different.


For the boot:


If ‘A’ is form the corner of the ‘E’ then I have 2.75 inches.

Id ‘B’ is from ‘0’ going downward then I have 2 and 3/16the inches

But in addition the text is slightly tilted such that a line dropped for ‘1’ is 2 and 1/16th inches to the egde of the lid



If A is from the ‘e’ going laterally then I have 1 and 5/8th inches.

If B if from the ‘e’ going down (forward) the curve measures 5 and 1/8th inches

C from the ‘s’ going down: I have 5 and 7/8th inches





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  • 3 months later...

I thought I'd add the graphic below to this thread ...snaffled from a USA Ebayer.... which certainly looks like a poor repro!

But I wonder if the team can help..... I'm bored with being naked... years ago I binned my spitty on The Rest & Be Thankful top hairpin & have driven around with a new bonnet and no decals ever since.

The car is an Inca Yellow MKIV fitted with a TT Stage 2 1500 engine .... there's a boot rack on the boot so at least my bum is partially covered... but what should I display up front? MKIV rectangular badge?, Spitfire 1500 outline? , or just Spitfire outline? as the car is far from original I've even considered the TR7 Laurel Roundel!

Suggestions ( with pics? ) most welcome.
Pic below is from CT RBRR when the event stickers help cover my naked blushes.

spitfire 1500 decal placement.jpg




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