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Angle Drive Washer


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Had on oil leak from the speedo drive on the J type overdrive, in my Vitesse, have changed the O ring and seal on the housing for the drive pinion hope that solves it, as oil straight onto exhaust pipe. My only problem is that some web sites show a copper washer between the angle drive and adapter, none was fitted when I took it apart. All my books for Vitesse show D type overdrive which is the type Triumph fitted, is the washer only needed for some applications? i.e J type overdrives.


Many thanks







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There is often a washer , fibre or ortherwise to seat the angledrive, the drive is not intended to act as a drive seal if you have oil up the shaft then the shaft seal is in trouble or the breather is blocked

The angle drive is purely an extension of the cable , there should be no oil entering the angle or the cable or this will migrate up to the speedo and mess up the readings



If thats a help



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