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Most mobile tuners have gone (modern cars don't need tuning ever)

You will need to find a garage who know about carbs. Mini, mg etc are all the same so it doesn't need to be a Triumph specialist. A good place to start would be visiting your local Triumph meeting, somebody there should be able to point you in the right direction.

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setting the basics of a pair of SU is pretty simple DIY 

the mechanical settings can be added here or you can read up on any manual about setting the jet to a base setting and the throttle idle screws and the joining linkage   so with few tools you can achieve very good setting with a few clues would you like us to give some ??? 

i suggest you have a read it will save you ££s  

heres a link to steve free online   manuals  http://vitessesteve.co.uk/Other-manuals









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19 hours ago, tchiggins said:

Thanks. We are in Cranleigh


You could speak to CSC at the Macleod Garage (near the Cricket Club) or Rivett Autos to see if they could help - no personal experience of either.

if you are prepared to travel to Aldershot I’m sure that Rees Brothers would be able to help.

..... Andy 


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