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Still waiting on the DVLA


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After it’s extended cruise, my Mk2 Spitfire finally arrived from South Africa in July and I’m pretty pleased with it. Original condition with no rust, with the exception of a little bubbling on the boot and one or two dings on the bonnet. Panel fit is ok.

Engine block is ‘GD’ but has the original Mk2 top end.

just waiting on the DVLA now, post NOVA completion, to get her registered, apparently they have a 3 to 4 Month backlog due to, Covid, industrial action etc etc. On the positive side  at least the delay in being able to drive the car has meant I can sort out a few niggles e.g rear lights not working (now sorted following some advise from TSSC member), the handbrake travel is more than excessive and need looking at.7303E014-B0CD-4B89-9CBF-5A796CB4989E.thumb.jpeg.866d22a432f0ef7a31ef01ccda0ed349.jpeg

Toying with the idea of fitting seatbelts and probably will? And overhauling the brakes, on a 200m test run the brakes felt positive on the pedal but pretty poor stopping power, I’m not sure whether this is the norm and I’ve have just got used to very good brakes on my BMW

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