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Moto Lita steering wheel Gt6

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Just  a quick post hopefully to help someone who is fitting a moto lita wheel.   I had real problems fitting it without the horn sounding either constantly or intermittently as the metal wheel earthed against the horn ring.  The trick for me was to make sure the sliding joint that moves the steering wheel backwards and forwards was pulled far enough back by releasing the lock nut and loosening the Allen bolt so when the wheel was tightened on to the splines and taper there was enough clearance to stop the wheel contacting the horn ring.  Also, if you remove the wheel and, like me tap the inner column with a drift to break the taper, don’t forget that doing so will probably push the inner column inwards and reduce the afore mentioned clearance and cause the horn to sound again.  Took me a while to work that one out!  You also you may find positioning the outer column nearer the dashboard helps get a bit more clearance.   Hopefully may help someone work all this out quicker than me!!


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couple of thoughts   as the columns are collapsible a good tug onthe wheel or a shove on the tube will move the gap to clear

its always best to if you play with the slip joint to just slacken to plate bolts a little and not disturb the allen bolt clamping force 

all a very simple idea if you follow the manuals clues on resetting   in as much too loose the column will move and too tight it wont collapse when you crash 

and you impale on the column safety 



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