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Telsada Triumph Spitfire - plastic holiday fun

Chris Longhurst

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Thanks Chris for this!

I won two of these, sans windscreens of course...

As a slot car (Scalextric) enthusiast I am always on the look out for models/toys that are close the scales we usually race (among but not limited to 1/43, 1/32, 1/25-24...)

This toy comes in at about 1/25 scale (based on length). Which means combing it with the Lindberg "GT6+" 1/25 scale kit ought to make a decent 1/25 scale Le Mans Spitfire!

I always wondered why the MKIV/1500 body wasn't more readily available. I only know of 1/43 (Spark I think or Vitesse brand) models and the StarSun 1/18 scale and a very very rare metal 1/24 scale metal "kit" that was made in Germany I believe....

Once my real-car project is done I will get back to building slot cars. 🙂

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Hi DVD3500

The metal kit was probably by Metal24; I never got round to building mine (pic attached).

Western Models also made a nice model (I think in kit form) - I had a built example - this was one I was going to keep but realised that if I did I would start collecting Spitfires again (3 pics attached) so it had to go!!

Both Spark & Vitesse made  some 1/43rd MkIV/1500s - I might get round to covering those later next year!


Metal 24.JPG

Weatern Models 1-24th 1.JPG

Western Models 1-24th 2 (1).JPG

Western Models 1-24th 2 (2).JPG

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I stumbled across a Shuco 1/43 not too long ago as well...

There was also a terrible blobby soap freebie from France... not really a "model" though...

There are of course the Aurora 1/32 MKII as well as the Ocar resin Spitfire Le Mans kits as well, all 1/32...


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