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Cylinder compression tester?


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In another post I've reported that for the first time today I've used my 40+ year old Gunsons "push and hold" compression tester.¬† Gutted that it barely worked on one cylinder before giving up the ghost.¬† If I can find the original receipt I may make a warranty claim.¬†ūüėĄ

What tool do you guys use for this seldom needed but valued piece of kit, any recommendations?




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I have a very old Hawk, a bit like this. Sadly the front fell off, it still works and the red thing still rises to the same place, at what I remember to be 150. The important think is not so much the reading, but how close the cylinders are to each other. 




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16 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

Doug means the pressures are close to each other not he pot spacing  

come on get a grip 

ive used these for years   and at less tha £11  fair value



The seller is either an American Indian or a poor Chinese cook... "running noodles"?

Incidentally how many of the 12 pieces have you ever used?

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