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david lewis

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i have rattle from the gearbox/clutch area on my 13/60 which is worse when cold .when i push the clutch pedal down fully the noise stops,i thought it could be the clutch release bearing but someone has suggested that it is more likely to be the layshaft bearing.

the gearbox has good syncro and no whines when driving also it has only done 12000miles.

i should also mention that there is a slight vibration from the drivetrain between 30 and 50 mph even though the prop has been balanced recently.

what does the team think?

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if the noise stops with a 'ligth' touch to the pedal thats throwout /or skidding noises from the fingers


fully depressed as you say is now going to be as you feel internals 


does the noise reduce if you dont press the clutch but attempt to engage a gear , some boxes have very noisy backlash chatter this can be damped when loading the baulkring by a firm pressure on the gear stick and  foot off the clutch .engine idling


if thats all it is , not to worry 



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