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Greetings from project-free Newport Pagnell

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Hmm, I'm not sure I'm a really left-field kinda guy :)

I'd like to get myself and Mrs. DickBrowne a sit in a Vitesse or Herald to try one on for size, but I'm struggling to find anything for sale within a reasonable striking distance of Milton Keynes... 

Would there be any members nearby who may have one they would allow us to sit in? I know it's a cheek, but, well, if you don't ask...

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1 minute ago, Jeffds1360 said:

Richard, I definitely recommend a herald 13/60 convertible as the way forward  :) Preferred colour being Damson.

You're biased!

I'm completely neutral ( 🙄 ) so I can honestly say that a 13/60 convertible is your best choice and of course the colour has to be a sort of reddish say like Damson and if you can get one with an off white stripe then you have the crême de la crême.

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I'd love a GT6 - always wanted one when I had my Spitfire, but haven't the prices gone a bit crazy now? I've no idea why they are so much more expensive than the equivalent MGB GT, but with the 6 cylinder engine, I guess people compare them more to the MGC, do they? Even though the engine size is closer to a B.

I don't say this to many men, but you, sir, have a lovely pair!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought I'd do a quick update on my search. 

Firstly, the good news. The garage is clear. It's been jumble-sale central at Browne Towers. My motorbike has gone, I've sold three pushbikes, I've sold more bicycle spares than I ever remember buying and I've filled my estate car and trailer three times for runs to the tip. 

It almost seems a shame to put a car in all that hard-won space.


This morning, my last bicycle was collected and so at lunchtime, just for a giggle, I popped my car in one side of the garage and my wife's car in the other. It's just not natural you know, putting a modern car in a garage, let alone two.

So, a modern estate fits, so a classic sports car won't be a problem.

What about the not-so-positive? I hear you ask.

Well, at the weekend, Mrs. B and I, alongside a couple of mates, went to the Sywell Classic - Pistons and Props. A very good day it was too. Whilst there, we bumped into a TSSC member, sat behind his lovely Vitesse convertible, we fell into conversation and he asked if I'd like to sit in the car. Did I? Of course I did!

Sitting in the car felt a little like coming home - the view ahead bore family resemblances to my old Spitfire, and the seating position was immediately comfortable. The pedals were a little tight for my size 12's, but nothing I haven't coped with previously. 

Then I closed the door...

At least I tried to close the door... 

Now, I'm a reasonably sized lad. I'm 6'2 and used to box and play rugby, so I'm quite broad with it, but the lack of shoulder space was a real problem. I've owned Land Rovers before, which are famous for their lack of elbow room, but the Vitesse felt, if anything, even tighter.

So, it appears that the Vitesse and, by association, the Herald are no longer on the list. Or have I just been unfortunate to sit in a car which may have been modified in some way? Is the Vitesse a bit tight up-top? I can't imagine that the Vitesse is smaller inside than the Spitfire, and I never had a problem with that particular car.

I really don't like to end on a low note, so I will just finish this update by saying that I've found a TR4 I can afford! My Triumph journey isn't necessarily over!

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Well, I'm probably not nearly as broad as you, if you're a Rugby player, but I do have both a Vitesse and a Spitfire in my garage. The Spitfire is smaller inside but both are quite a lot narrower than a modern car. It's a good few years since I drove a TR4A (as co-driver on the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run) but I don't recall that being very much more spacious.

There's a fair bit more width available in a Stag or a 2000 saloon, if either of those would be acceptable to you.

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Having been a passenger in a tr4 recently (nice country road blasts) there is slightly more room but not alot. The 2500s i have with alfa seats is very roomy and a great drive. I would happily get it and drive long distances. 2.5l straight six whats not to like!

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