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Confusion Reigns

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In a fit of madness I decided to buy Don Davies GT6 as featured in the sales column of the latest Courier. It is a bit of a strange one as the owner prior to Don had taken it off the road to use as a racing car. Anyway, the odd thing is that it appears to have two chassis numbers (Commission Numbers) as shown below. The KE0829 seems right for a 1971 GT6 Mk3 (CWD 760J) but the one on the plate doesn't. KE35290 is listed on the registration document but I haven't a clue what that is. Can anyone offer any explanation as to how I get two numbers? The paint code is also one that shouldn't be appropriate for a 71 GT6 (Delft Blue).



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Those are two completely different numbers. The 0829KE is only the body number, it's irrelevant and will never appear on a V5. The real commission number is the KE35290. All small chassis Triumphs have this contrast, with the body number on the small, painted-over plate and the commission number on the proper plate. There's also a chassis number somewhere, which is as irrelevant as the body number.

If you think 35290 is too high for the age of the car then I will ask, does it have overdrive? If so, the commission number should have an 'O' suffix, so it's almost certainly supposed to read "KE 3529 O". Mine is also mis-transcribed on the V5 (though bizarrely with the 'O' having been recorded as a 'D' in my case)

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agree the body number  the chassis number  and tub numbers do not seem to have ever been recorded  and were at a guess just used for production control 

use in the factory so they had some clues about volumes produced during production

i guess there was a track record book with all these recorded but its not available and presume stashed away in some lost heap of archive documents assuming

someone thought this data was going to be useful one day   who knows

it was common in the day to note all the major units in a hardback book on the line side 

on trucks we noted anything with a serial number then parts became more on computer   where all the books ended up is another guess 

once the factories closed ,  

too much useful history gets skipped by factory closures 



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Info here throws some light on GT6 commission numbers:



Built October 1970 to December 1973
Number built 13,042
Chassis numbers KE1 on (1971), KE10001 on (1972),
KE20001 to KE24218 - (Feb. 1973) on

So based on the above, KE3529 looks plausible for a '71 car, or KE3529 O with overdrive.

FWIW my Mk3 was registered in October '72 and has commission number KE14xxx O.


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