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Differential dimension required, if possible.


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Hi again folks. Whilst changing my drive-shaft inserts I decided to check my Differential ratio and a dimension that might be relevant to my 'Strange' engine position. (In previous topics).

The differential has a round propshaft flange and rectangular driveshaft flanges. Its ratio is definitely 3.64:1 as I checked it by marking all flanges and rotating it 4, 8 and 12 times. It was tedious! The figures varied from 3.55:1 to 3.7:1. So 3.64:1 is the closest match.

The distance between the vertical part of the front 'Carrier' and the front edge of the round flange is 30mm.

If anyone can measure theirs easily and tell me what it is, it would be appreciated. I am trying to find out why my proshaft will not reach if I place the engine where it should be. The wheelbase is spot on and all looks fine. I have all of the dimensions in the workshop manual, but is needs four plumb lines, a flat floor and space under to 'Spot' the dangling pointers.

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