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Vitesse Mk2 Leaf Spring Orientation.

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Afternoon All,

Just refitting the leaf spring too my vitesse and the manual states it should have "front" identified to ensure it fits the correct way round.

I cannot find any such mark oil the spring.

Is there a standardised location?

I appreciate it is very unlikely the spring is a Triumph original so it may be located differently (or not at all).

However, looking at the spring it appears to be pretty symmetrical which ever way around I fit it!!

As usual , thanks in advance for any help.


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Look on the top leaf round the centre bolt:

DSCF1112.jpg.f864cf794186f7e350434b7a71d17ff0.jpg  DSCF4106.jpg.14d8c530cee4bba4fdd0dd28268b8189.jpg

As you can see they read 'front' but it's nearly always towards the rear... just for neatness I fit them with the nut on the metal straps on the underside towards the rear, and the bolt head facing front. No real reason why, that's just me.

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Hi again,

Can I just ask another question now the spring is installed?


Currently fitted to just the running chassis (i.e. minimum weight)

I was a little surprised as to the amount of tension in the spring as I bolted it down on the diff.  

Standing on the chassis I cannot generate any suspension movement.

Is this normal or should I be concerned?



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Should be normal; I've done the same thing with my convertible, and the rear halfshafts are tight to the chassis. I had to put liners under them to prevent paint damage. The spring was refurbished by me with new buttons etc then wound with grease-impregnated tape to keep it clean, but this may have stiffened it further. If I stand on the chassis it barely raises the halfshafts, but I'm hoping that the weight of the rear tub once fitted, plus all of the other ancillaries and fittings, and a driver should free it up. I think it will settle once actually used. Hopefully!





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Thanks Colin, I feel a little better about it now, just thought if there was a problem it would be easier to sort now with the the body off!

I am fortunate as the shocks keep the driveshafts just clear of the chassis so movement is easier !

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