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Burning oil, Vitesse


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Has always done since I had the car (about 20,000 miles ago). Uses about a litre per 1,000 miles I reckon, not ragging it at all.

Plugs are not fouled (a bit of oil around the bottom of threads on some, though on different plugs at different inspections).

Had even compression when I tested it a while back, and no different figures with oil in the plug holes.

Usually (but not always, I think after a run it doesn't, rather than slow traffic driving, it does) smoke when idling.

No smoke on start up.

No noticeable smoke when driving (though hard to see).

Any ideas please. Can live with it, though interested what may be causing it?, or any simple ideas to cure?, eg Italian Tune up, to de glaze bores, or is maybe running down the head, via the valve stems?

Cheers, Dave


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the official triumph consumption was not far off what you are getting   ,having said that most get far better 

have you recalibrated the dip stick  next oil change add the specified  amount less 1 litre  mark the dip stick as low   add the last litre and mark as high 

does this come close to the dip stick marking     

had the wrong dipstick in the 1600 and that would indicate over fill by over a litre 

ie the sump may just be too  full  

a simple and cheap  check on next oil change 


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Doesn't sound too excessive to me, my fully rebuilt Vitesse engine needed half a litre every 1000 miles or so.

Maybe a clean and check of the Pipes to and from the Smiths emission valve and also check the rubber diaphragm in the valve is in good order with regards to the smoking when idling

If the car is performing well with good oil pressure I wouldn't be too concerned.



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