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TR4 or TR4A Inlet Manifold


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Hello all,


I wonder if someone can help me locate a 'long' inlet manifold for a TR4/TR4A engine.


The need is rather urgent, as it is for a 'Car SOS' project car which, although not a Triumph, is extremely interesting in itself.


Unfortunately I'm unable to divulge its make and model right now.


Hope someone is able to help, as we've drawn something of a blank thus far.


All the best and many thanks,


Fuzz Townshend - 01922 458526

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Is a "long" manifold a different manifold to the standard item? (I know little about TR's)


If it is akin to rocking horse poop, I would try someone like Tony Sheach who is a magnet for all things rare and interesting TR-wise. (I can assist with contact details, but not publically)


If it is a standard fit, then somewhere like TRGB should be able to assist.





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