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Floor Panels


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As part of the body tub I got earlier this year, he threw in a pair of replacement floor panels. The body needs the usual sills/ A post lowers replaced as well. Thing is... should the floors have a lip on the sill edge? Mine are flat. I'm the person who studies things for months, then finally starts cutting..! If they're no good, or will give me problems, will order genuine parts, along with the sills etc...

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rather than add a load of idea's its easier to put a linh to club triumph forum , there was a lot on the old lost forum , but this link will give a few clues 




but you need to log in to  the CTf see the photo's


the TDF pressed floor pans dont have the final ress run so the horizontal cill wont match with the billy can shaped floor pan

its cut and chop and weld


chic doig do a cill/a post body mount  repair panel on e bay shop



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