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Spitfire 3 steering column filler plate.

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Hi Guys,

Finally got the dash rewired now trying to refit the steering column to attach the remaining wires from the loom to the column. The first photo is the filler with an elongated hole on the near side, the second photo is the mounting bracket with a pair of holes plus a single hole on the side. Is the filler attached to the mounting bracket using the elongated hole in the filler and the single hole in the bracket or one of the pair? Also in the filler there is a round hole on the face, what goes through there and is it used to attach the filler to the dash? 

Wish I had written down how it was mounted when I took it apart!

Thanks guys,




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The elongated hole on the right side of the filler is bolted to the single hole on the left side of the column mounting bracket. The bottom of the filler is bolted to the parcel shelf front bar by the elongated hole - the round one also matches a hole in that bar and the trip counter reset knob fits through it. The circular hole in the front of the filler is to clear a fixing bolt for something - I forget exactly what - but I don't think it's attached by it.

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except 1963 spit mk3's pics are missing the part in the first photo which bolts to the hole clearly visible in the last picture and hides all of the visible wiring, the wider part goes to the bottom and the trip reset clamps through the holes.so that the cable and wiring are hidden behind

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