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Handbrake lever swap GT6 to Vitesse Mk2


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Browsing my workshop manual I have noticed that it seems to indicate that some or all GT6 have a "fly off" handbrake lever. 


I rather like fly off levers and wondered how difficult it would be to swap one from a GT6 (if I can find one) on to my Vitesse, or conversely can the fly off parts be retro fitted to the Vitesse lever and ratchet.


Anyone know, or already done this?

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Early spitfire had them, not so sure about GT6.

Easy swap IF you can find one. I gave mine to a deserving project a few years ago, I think I would get too confused having a fly-off in juts one car. I struggle to use the correct arm for indicators!


I think I have read a normal handbrake can be converted to fly-off, but that is all I can remember about it. Maybe worth a good search...

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