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Vitesse Mk2 Brake/Petrol pipe alignment and fixings

Phil C

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Evening all,

With the bulkhead and tub about to be reunited with the chassis I was looking to fit the brake and petrol pipe runs front to back along the chassis while access is good.

As my car had no pipes when bought I am struggling with understanding how they are aligned and fixed.

The parts catalogue lists a number of different clips, some petrol only, some brake only and some dual use and the clips which came with each pipe kit (Automec) seem a little flimsy. Holes along the chassis number 4. Two larger holes between the outriggers and one smaller hole either to the front and rear.

I have a selection of clips available, some that came with the car, some that came with the pipe kits and some I have picked up at auto jumbles thinking they may be useful. 


Can anyone offer any advice or perhaps photos of what goes where? ........or should I just user P-clips

Thanks in advance 


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You'll see the row of holes that runs along the main chassis rail, to the outside of the passenger side and through the side and front outriggers. The original clips were sprung so that they clipped into the chassis and there were two 'grips' for the pipes, the smaller being the brake pipe which ran lower and the top for the thicker fuel pipe. The ones in your photo (I've cropped it down below) are the only ones I use and the point to the left in the photo is the bit that goes into the chassis, then the brake pipe goes right to the bottom, and the fuel pipe runs above with the clips keeping them spaced apart.


At the front end the brake pipes follow the route of the suspension turrets and are gripped at the top with an 'S'-shaped clip, looks like the one 5th from the bottom in your photo. The fuel pipe curves up towards the fuel pump and either goes straight to it, or some members have added a small rubber section between the main fuel pipe and the short bit from the pump; a good spot for a fuel filter.



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Progress going well but another question if I may?

What is the route for the pipe to the front offside from the 4-way junction?

Should it run the uprights and along the top of the cross member or cross to the rear of the uprights?




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