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Vitesse 6 clutch problems

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I’ve just purchased a 1600 vitesse 6.

I have an issue which has been inherited from the PO. The clutch is without question not fully engaging as selecting 1st or reverse you are met with a grinding. Driving out is fine.

hydraulics bled - all new - movement at slave is good. Clutch is new and the gearbox looks fully rebuilt. No excessive play in the pedal linkages. The hydraulics simply run out of travel.

The control arm into the gearbox flops around a lot - there’s just too much travel before the bearing mates with the seat on the pressure plate. I’ve pulled the gearbox out this morning - can anyone please confirm the bearing thickness - looking at rimmers is supposed to be a GRB206. The bearing I have is 16mm there abouts.

the pivot point isn’t worn - nor is the control arm.


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Obviously from the pictures its hard to tell. The release springs could just be worn! Even if there is life in the plate and its not down to its rivets. It may sould expensive but since its apart you may as well give it a new clutch ! At least inspect the drive plate. 

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I'm wondering why it's just first and reverse... these probably don't have synchromesh, but why no issues with the other gears?

I've measured a Herald coil-clutch bearing by eye just now; slightly over 17mm but that's not a precise measurement.

You may have a pin sheared, or badly worn, at the bottom of that lever, but you won't confirm wear or damage until it's completely removed.


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Silly then, the plate the right way round! The correct master and slave size bores? No restriction on pedal movement, master moving the slave the same amount each time or an internal master cylinder fault.

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9 minutes ago, Steve P said:

Has the bearing carrier got swapped for one that is too short,i think there are 3 types?.I see you have the short brass type.

I could only find an image of a 2 litre one and that looks longer but that would be for a diaphragm clutch.


I’ve not idea chap - this is an inherited issue.

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15 minutes ago, Mathew said:

That does seem like alot of free play prior to engagement. The pivot point is definitely correct. Does it have the shoes on the pins for the carrier on the Vitesse? 

Dunno chap - I’ve stuck up some pics of what I have.

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I can measure that @Steve P - but at the full extent of current travel the arm almost hits the gearbox case - I’ve even tried the trick of sneaking a nut in between the arm and the rod to increase travel - again it’s limited by the gearbox case.

this is definitely related to there being too much free movement - which is down to carrier or bearing being the issue.


the bearing I have cross references to the GRB206 so - it’s either the wrong thickness and a bad cross reference or the carrier is to blame…… I do notice the carrier is NLA according to rimmers 🤔

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132080 Clutch lever, common to all Vitesse and GT6.

GRB206 Release Bearing, Spit.1, Herald to 65 coil spring clutch and Vitesse 6 also coil spring.

116298 Bearing carrier, unique to Vitesse 6.

Slave cylinder should have a spring in it to take up free travel, self adjusting.



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many aftermarket throwouts are 15mm  thick  the correct is 19mm thick this upsets the angles

easy cheat is pop out the spherical post and add a  washer as a spacer on the back between hsg and gearbox face 

pins look good , 

yes should be a flat faced bearing grb206    is in stock at canley;s.. for coil clutches 

you should have a 7/8" dia bore slave cyl.

keep bleed nipple at the top and depress the slave to reduce volume 




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