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Spitfire 1500 seats

Phil Siddall

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        I think in a word no.

I re foamed mine a few years ago not original covers, it is not to difficult just take your time.

You may find you need some new rubber straps, I made up some new ones by buying some webbing off ebay and taking the old ones apart and fitting new webbing.

When finished the effort is worth it



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Take note of where all the clips and hog rings go , cover the new foam with a plastic bag or some old net curtain this helps the old cover slip over the foam


dont need to use hog rings , you can use cable ties instead


take pics of the folds and clips because when you come to refit nothing looks the same and the memory will play tricks,


Check the frame for cracks often the backrest brackets will have have started to fail



but its a pleasing result for an hours work

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