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Fools on Internet forums….

Colin Lindsay

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Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Ever searched Internet forums for simple answers?

I want to find out why a Renault Clio 12v power socket / cigarette lighter isn’t working.

You post a question on a Renault forum such as: Which fuse serves the 12 volt power socket, or cigarette lighter, down by the ashtray on a 2001 Renault Clio?


You get answers like:


Here’s the fuse diagram from a Lexus.


There is no fuse.


Read the handbook.


It may be a fuse but if your clock and radio are working, then it’s not the fuse, as they use the same fuse, but as there are two fuses for these, it may be just one blown.


There is a fuse, I'm in the states and we don't have Clio's here so I can't tell you much more.


​I don’t have a Clio but here are some photos of my Ford Focus.


Serves you right for buying such a heap of sh*t in the first place.


​You shouldn’t smoke in a car anyway.


i’m now off to search the car again for fuses boxes that I haven’t found yet, as the fuse I’m trying to identify isn’t in any of the ones I have found… now wearier and wiser.

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Hi Colin   - Sorry if I am not helping (In advance!) as you have provided me with some good advice. My wife owns a mk2 1200 16V Not sure if yours is a mk1 or 2 but attached are pics of her manual for the relevant fuse box and fuses. Hopefully you will be able to read them. I can but hope this helps - 




Clio Manual 2

Clio Manual


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My modern car is a Nissan X-Trail and I had a non-working ciggy lighter last year - it just stopped working.


I thought it was the fuse as it's a simple basic item within the car.


Checked and located the fuse via the handbook and found the fuse to be okay.


Decided to drop the car in to a Nissan one day and they said it's probably the other ciggy lighter fuse that's NOT mentioned in the h/book (useful !!!!!!!!)


Sure enough that was the culprit.


Fuse replaced and all fine.


10 / 10 to Nissan, as no charge and they did the job as soon as I pitched up.


Not sure the above is of any help, but it does / could flag the possibility of an additional fuse perhaps not mentioned within the Clio h/book.


Just a thought.


All the best.



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Just to add We has a Clio 172 some years back its sold , i dont have the hand book any more and it wouldnt help you anyway, so stop worrying and ask what oil should you use in your dashpots and how to add tripple webbers without a workshop manual and put ATF in me gearbox cos someone without a clue said Its better


sorry your having so much fun recently , it will get better even triumph managed a hidden side light fuse on some models


sorry !!! just packed up from our duxford do and waiting for a strong cuppa

while the tootsies recover


im sure Ive got someone elses feet

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I know exactly what you mrean and have suffered with it myself, people either don't read the question or come out with something not related, so why they reply is beyond me. However Richards comment re the internal to the lighter fuse might be a good one as Nissan and Renault have a tie up, with the  Micras for example they share a lot of mechanical and electrical systems with Clio's so that could be a good pointer to the fault.

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I love the "You shouldn't be smoking in a car" reply.


I had a problem with my servo and asked for ideas on "another" Triumph site. Amongst others I got three replies telling me servos do not improve braking, you don't need it, take it off!. Thanks for that, but actually if the servo's factory fitted and you remove it that's an MOT fail! I posted that and one of them said  "How would they know you'd removed it?" Idiots are all around us!

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At the risk of giving egg sucking lessons.....  ;)


I've had 12v sockets refuse to give out 12v before now and done some head scratching. First thing to do is try a.n.other 12v lead in the socket, or better still a selection. 12v usb chargers with a LED are ideal.

Next check if there is power to the connectors on the back of the socket.

I've found 12v/ciggy lighter sockets can be unreliable at best.  :(


If there is no 12v at the connectors (eliminating the socket itself), then as you were!

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  • 6 months later...

Ok so I sold the Clio (in the dark and pouring rain at 9.30pm to a woman who didn't even want to test drive it.... ) but have found similar fools on many other forums, the most recent being a DIY forum where I needed help installing a non-return valve into a plumbing system - I found one of the highest posters on the forum was repeatedly posting the line: "I'm sorry I can't help you, get a plumber"... and was listed as an 'expert' due to his post frequency....


Plus the Hyundai forum provided this answer to a fuse-box question by yours truly: "I can't help you, I drive a Nissan...." SO WHAT  ON EARTH  IS HE DOING ON A HYUNDAI FORUM?????  :)

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Colin cant have the meds , there is a queue me mme me first


I bought my second car in the dark in the rain in 1966

it was a 948 alpine mauve and white 59 HERALD for £120 in daylight , what have I done,


rotten bumper pressings, 3 body mounts departed ,, holes through the floor, no side rails

But thank heavens no cig socket


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