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Welcome back. I fitted rear seat belts to my 2000 mk1 but don't  have any pics, it was a while back. I remember i had to fit some supports to get the 3 point fitting. Nice 3mm plate to stop the fitting pealing up the bodywork. Welded in place.

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dont know where this helps  .....talking rear belts  i found static fit my Mk2 easy fit  but snag Oap's  leaving the car  too much loose belt 

fitting inertia has the problem the pendulum box fouls the headlining as the caged nuts are to close  the edges of the rear shelf 

really needs a offset that wont pivot in a crash load to space the reels 25mm inboard 

there has been a variety of mods here to help space the reels away from the Rr 1/4 panel 

from welded plates to a bar across the shelf 

hey ho 


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