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impact on the front right !


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Hi all,


Just got the vitesse back on the road and 'bang' a lady pulled out on me. Lucky I wasn't going that fast so once I stopped and looked at the damage all she had was a few marks on her alloy. The vitesse however looked quite bad initially but found out that the bar at the front had snapped due to rust and the front valance had become loose (rust again) . This rust and filler was all well hidden before the crash which just means another job to do earlier rather than later.


The bonnet took some impact but looks like all i need to do is some realignment .


Does anyone know we're I can get a decent second hand front valance and how hard are they to fit?


Secondly I'm going to buy new bar ends as these are rotten too. I'll most probably get them off canley,are these a pain to fit also?


I understand the bar ends must be welded once you cut off the old ones.


Any help and advice greatly appreciated .


Kind regards



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