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The eBay Gripe Thread

Colin Lindsay

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I’m going to change my user name to grumpy (old-ish) g*t if this goes on - BUT - much as I love eBay and buy probably too much stuff off there, I still find that parts of it irritate the whatevers off me. Feel free to list your own personal hates but here are a few of mine:


‘Based on your recent purchase’…. and a whole list of similar items comes up on my home page. How many of these do they think I need?? I’ve just bought one….

'Doesn’t post to Northern Ireland’… many sellers don’t... yet they post worldwide. 

‘Free postage’… but BT postcodes will be £12 extra, while Europe is only £5, America £10… 

‘Fits Triumph Herald'… until you check the fitment list… and it doesn’t. This includes ‘flooders’ who list page after page of the same photo of an item which is supposed to fit our cars… mobile phone shark-fin antenna, air-con pump, 02 sensor, TDC sensor, power-steering pump… 

'Other people also bought’… so what? Unless they’re the same shape as me, which I doubt, those incontinence tights won’t fit me.

‘Private item’… it was a set of spark plugs… HONEST!!

’Photo is of a similar item’… less the dents, scratches and other damage making it worth a tenth of what I just bid.

‘You are bidding on a single wheel nut’… yes, believe it or not, that’s what I require.

‘New other’… second-hand, and probably used then removed again quickly when it didn’t cure the fault.

‘OE replacement part’… made from silver painted compressed paper to resemble metal.

‘When did you last see one of these?’... in my garage two days ago.

‘Only one in the UK’… probably the only one in that condition outside of a scrappie...

'Packing £5 extra’…. yesterday’s Daily Express and and 30p roll of sellotape...


Feel free to list your own personal additions….. :)

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It amuses me more than annoys me really, but “RARE ITEM!!!!”  on a listing for something you can buy new from Canleys, often for a similar price as the scabby 45 year old part listed.


“A few scuffs and some wear, but what do you expect for something that’s 50 years old?” At that starting price mate, bleeding perfection.


Cutting & pasting from Wikipedia followed by one or two lines of actual description of the car makes me roll my eyes. Someone looking at a £500 Herald restoration project is going to be fully  aware that ‘styled by Michelotti, the Herald was launched in 1959’ and all that guff, and is going to be much more interested in how much rot is in the outriggers.


“Barn Find!” conjures images (to me at least) of an original, unmolested car being parked up in a barn in 1972 only to be re-discovered years later. On eBay however, it appears to mean that it has sat neglected in some blokes damp lock up for the last five years until he finally got round to listing the thing on eBay.


“Restoration 99% complete, with just the interior requiring a tidy up to complete”. They built a few hundred of them over the space of twelve months fifty years ago. There is nothing ‘just’ about replacing interior trim items. As you know, otherwise you’d have done it yourself. 


Can I join the grumpy middle aged git club now? :P 

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You think that's bad?!! I've just got Windows 10! It's NEW, and yet, unfinished. The reason it's free is we are doing the beta testing. :angry:  Everything is supposed to synchronise, nothing does! And as for "Hey Cortana" a titanic struggle to get it working only to discover you have to click a button every time you ask it to do something. So click, "Hey Cortana open Word" what's the point when I can simply click the word icon!


You know where you are with a Triumph, in the garage mostly. :lol:

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i need something for Relief of Rapid Wind .... 

Do you mean rapid relief of wind, or are you talking about wind that escapes quite fast???? :)


Re Peaks post, I recently went to view a Fiat Punto that was described as ‘absolutely no scratches, dings or marks whatsoever’. The state of it had to be seen to be believed, marks and scratches everywhere, but the seller told me he meant it was in good condition for its’ age… thankfully the power steering failed on the test drive so I didn’t waste a whole £700… ( he told me it only required fluid, and produced a new, unopened bottle free with the car. As Puntos have an electric power steering system, it didn’t say much about his mechanical knowledge…) Incidentally he’s still advertising it, and has REDUCED the price to £1250…..

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And today's gripe is:

Sports****** on eBay!

"I'm trying to buy these shoes listed on eBay but it says you don't post to Northern Ireland.

We don't post to Northern Ireland. Can we help you with anything else?

Not if you don't post to Northern Ireland.


But you post worldwide?

Yes we do.

So do you post to Northern Ireland internationally?

No. That's one of the areas we don't post to due to uncertainties with the carriers. (They use Yodel, apparently)

Do you post to Syria?

Oh yes, International postage rates will apply.

And you don't have uncertainties with the carriers there?

No, it's a different company.


Off I go to Amazon where I find the same shoe, sold by a company called: "Sports******).

"Do you ship to Northern Ireland?

Yes it will cost £4.99.

What carrier do you use?

We use Yodel.

Are they reliable?

Oh yes, very.

Yer man here buys the shoes and will no doubt report when they arrive.

Same company, same carrier, but different rules between eBay and Amazon. Apparently.

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Seems the problem is not with uncertainties of posting to Northern Ireland, they obviously need of fine a more reliable courier.


Our experience of Yodel deliveries in England:


  • They left a parcel with our neighbour but did not put a card through our door to tell us, fortunately said neighbour is honest and brought it round.


  • They delivered a flat pack wardrobe of our daughters, in 2 massive boxes which they carried trough a gate, down a narrow flight of steps, manoeuvred around overgrown shrubs, across paved area, through another gate about 60 feet more and left then under a small balcony at the back of our house.  So they are a very determined courier.  Shame we had to carry it all the way back to the front door rather than the spiral stairs at the back of the house!  We had been away from Friday when they delivered it to Saturday evening though.


  • Another time they left a parcel in the same place, we were away for the weekend, during which time it rained and yes the boxes were a bit soggy.  Fortunately contents were OK.  Again nothing through door to say they were there, we only found them by chance.


  • One day I arrived home from work to find they had delivered a box containing 14 bottles of wine.  Right house number, wrong street. But at least they make some useful mistakes!


Don’t think I would eve send anything anywhere via Yodel.

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Another story for you about Yodel. I sent a set of foams with them to someone doing my seats. Nothing arrived. I contacted them. Oh yes they are in the depot. The box is oversize. Ok how do I sort that and pay the extra Don't know came the reply contact the head office. Contacted the head office. Oh yes we will get back to you. Never did. Contact them again. Same routine. Same result. Sent a mail to their MD no response. Contacted them again just return it to me from the local depot where it's been sitting for the last two months. Of course we can. That will be an extra #### pounds. Ok I give up here's the money. Three days later still no parcel arrives. A week later I get a call from the original person I was sending it to. It's arrived!!!!!!!!

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Ha, Yodel!

I sold some tyres. Specifically a set of 4 yokohamas and a pair of conti's. However, it always seems to be cheaper to send tyres in pairs, even teh big suppliers seem to do it.


So I properly wrapped them in pairs, attached labels so the 2 pairs of yokos went one place and the contis to the other buyer.

Yodel delivered all 6 to the yoko buyer. It was a real PITA. I refunded the conti buyer, and yodel amazingly compensated me very quickly. I made contact with the chap who had all the tyres, and told him what had happened. He actually wanted to buy the contis, and paid me via paypal the same amount as I had already been paid!


I will add as Yodel were plonkers, I didn't entertain returning the cash. It actually went to charity, and the govt added another 20% or so in gift aid.


Sadly anothe yodel incident didn't go quite as well, and on advice from a solicitor I didn't pursue it too far (solicitor suggested the £50 I lost wasn't worth the grief, he was right)

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There,, s a column in the courier about hard to find some 2000 / Dolly 1850 SU HS4 air filters being unobtainable


theres some for sale on ebay some well priced , Ive ordered some spares while they are available and a gripe there are a number stating they fit stromberg based triumphs

which they certainly wont

very different centres and breathing ports


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I've got a gripe about eBay, but not about the users, but eBay itself and it's rules.


I sold an item, and the buyer paid me for that and the postage.  It wasn't light, so the postage was £20!  More than he paid for the item!

I boxed it and bought the postage via eBay from the Post Office.  "To be signed for", always a useful precaution.

Then, the boyer said, don't send it to me now, but in a week - I'm going on holiday.

No probs!

Except that a week later, the PO refused it, pointing out an expiry date on the label which was the NEXT DAY after I bought it.

But they reassured me, I could get a refund from eBay.


Which, after being given the run-around to PayPal and back, told me that refunds were only available fro one week!



I've lost money on that sale!

And eBay have "referred my case to their Appeals Dept., which will contact you."

I'm not holding my breath.


So a warning; either don't bother with buying postage online, go to the PO, or get your refund ASAP!


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If you buy postage direct from the Royal Mail it's a requirement to post by the day after you've bought the postage, I guess it's to stop you re-using the postage labels if you send to an address regularly, so probably not much eBay can do about that.


I sell a fair bit on eBay and can't remember the last time I used Royal Mail as they are probably the most expensive option and then you have to take it to a Post Office which can be a pain, especially if you live rural.


I always use www.parcel2go.com (there are other similar services), plenty of options on there in terms of carriers, most will collect from you for a small extra fee and they're still cheaper than RM and nearly all services are tracked.

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That's strange about the date, Darren.

Of course I believe you, you know more than I, but stamps are everlasting!




Physical stamps are, but if you buy postage online via the RM Website or eBay (as you have done) then you have until the end of the next day to post. Stamps can only be used once as they get franked, but a postage label that you can in theory print over and over again has a time limit to stop abuse.

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Stamps these days don't get franked as they are tamper proof.




I've just checked the book of stamps in my wallet and yes, they are!


So you'd think they'd find a way to do the same for on line that isn't so crude as use within 24 hours

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