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Recent visitors 'block'

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Thanks Colin. :)

I went in again to modify the list and once again got the message about too many characters. 

I could not modify it though.  Weird. I'll try on the PC tomorrow 

Thank you to all my visitors :) you should get points for that.


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16 minutes ago, Mathew said:

Yes i do that, on the phone with big 👍.  

Me too but when on the pad. I mostly use a 'classic' computer so not a problem. As for the phone I don't have a smart one just a 'not too dumb' phone.

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Oh yee of the fat finger brigade :)

try using the pinkie? Not so dexterous but a smaller surface area. Either that or file them to a point...That would be handy, flat blade and philips plus 1/2 and 7/16 spanners.......hang on.... I have a tool like that

Woops.... wrong site 😀

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