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A tale of three Spits


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My first Spitfire PUO 758 G I bought from my mum (really!) . My.Dad bought it new for her, and when I got my licence I bought it from them. Of course, now I regret selling it in 1976. Although, interestingly, the car is still registered and running in Cheshire.

meanwhile, my fiancé (now wife) had a 1500 Mk4  - KDP 892 L - which I cannot find.

fast forward to today…. We decided to own a Spit again so have bought TGU 955 F…as featured in Classic Restoration magazine. Great job by Chris Hart…. Now we need to figure what to do with it.. electronic ignition? Source and fit original seats? New mohair hood?

first up though is to refurbish the hard top…

looking forward to meeting other owners in NE Scotland, and being a part  of keeping our motoring heritage alive…





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Looks lovely. First thing i would do is get the top down and go for a nice drive when the sun comes out, woolly hats if needed. Then after you have done a few miles stop for a nice pub lunch. When home after decide what would have made the drive better.

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a decent hood is worthwhile but dont jump into buying anything till you have got to know your car 

adding electronic ign just removes the need to set the points   which have worked well enough to last all  these years

first job is look at the service history  , plugs and points ,  filters    get the right oils and greases,  antifreeze  ,  in the right places , change the brake fluid  , buy fuel ... drive car 

use 97 ron fuel  get the smile 


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